Wednesday, 16 June 2010

zombie.zombie.zombie.zombie nation.

Currently reading a great zombie book at the moment called Plauge of the Dead by Z.A Recht which has slighty taken over my life at the moment! I do love it when a book does that!

Anyway, it got me thinking- how could I create zombie themed flowers? Ive got fantastic little extras such as mini metal skulls on hoops (orginally for jewelry) which would look great within it. I could start with a lime green Chrysanthemum bloom, they are quite wierd to look at, much like a zombie and maybe add red colours to keep it lively and accessorise with a chainsaw for protection from the darling creatures of course.

If Zombies ever did attack, you'll find me somewhere surrounded by water with a bat to knock their heads off (it is the only way to finish one off you know) and most likely listening to Queen full blast in a appricative nod to Shaun Pegg.

Ill update you if my zombie flower plans awaken (see what I did there? Awaken? No? nevermind.....)