Monday, 21 June 2010

One Hour (and a bit more) Photo

So, clearing out my stuff the other day I came across a old memory card that had been long forgotten in a drawer. As it was loading up, I was thinking what photos could be on it- pictures of the dog, pictures of the ex, random pictures, drunken pictures and pictures no one could explain.

True, pictures of the dog and drunken pictures cropped up, but it turned out to be mainly very early floristry photos displaying work I would now gasp and shun from daylight as techincally they are awful. There is also evidence of me not knowing how to take a photo as some of the light- be it natural or artifical- is awful and then I obviously went through a "arty" faze where I presumed taking an arty photograph required me lying on the floor- pointless.

So, here are a few with descriptive titles:

"The gappy but impending (g)loom of Lily buds"

"The on- the -floor job"

(Part of the exculsive Freesias giving birth to Roses collection)

"The difficult second child of the Freesias giving birth collection"

I have no idea who this person is, where this was taken, and how he got that cut on his head. Although I am sure I didnt cause it, the evidence shows I was there when it happened and I can only apoligse for snapping away when it was obviously a serious situation!!