Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mothers Day

So, its that time of year again to say thankyou to your Momma this Mothers Day! Before you hasten to say "nahhh"- think of all the times she looked after you when you're poorly,slipped you a extra fiver here and there and spent COUNTLESS hours hunched over constructing various primary school Christmas play outfits (I've been a Medieval queen,a tree and a the golden chicken from Jack and the Beanstalk.Yes,you read that last one right!)

So, here at Faith,Trust and Pixie Dust I have different flower arrangements available for your Mum on her special day (April 3- mark it on your calendar!) These are as follows:

  • Beautiful hand-tie bouquets starting at £15.The sky is your limit with this design with plenty of colours and textures available.Just give me a shout on any specific colours you would like.
  • Striking contemporary arrangements starting at £ 15. Again, any specific colours can be included in  your bouquet.
  • For sweetie lovers everywhere, I also do the ORIGINAL and BEST sweetie garlands.Perfect for a sweet tooth! Prices start at £15, with varieties include: Cadbury's Chocolate Eclairs,Raspberry Ruffles, Werther's Originals and Love Hearts.

If anyone would like to see some other work from Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust flowers, pop over to the offical Facebook (Search "Ftpd flowers") or Twitter and place your order.See you all over there!!


Friday, 18 March 2011

Under the sea....

Seeing an advert for the fame-hungry Katie Price's new show on Sky made me think of a lovely post I saw a while back on great blog, called Under Water Bride. For those who know a bit about me, know I do a bit of modelling on the side due to my lanky frame and its similar to a fashion shoot I saw a while back showcasing some jewelry-the light highlighted parts of the accessories making it perfect for magpies like me!

Anyway,heres the link:

I JUST LOVE how the light is reflecting off the flowers and the water is showcasing the different layers of the dresses to their best.Fab. And drool-worthy.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Are you settled? Lets begin....(again)

So ze blog is being resurrected back from the dead,a land where pale skinned boys glimmer in sunlight and where Gaga is Queen (or King,depending which gossip rag you read) My last post was in November,and lots has happened since now and then- far too much to go into detail with unless you want a mind-numbing post- and life in the floristry world has been made more difficult with various rises in petrol, tax,shipping costs and handling fees.

However, this hasnt beaten me.Oh no.
Floristry is my passion,and my life.Anyone who knows me knows (and has put up with) my stubborness to succeed in life. Therfore Ive been really working on my Facebook and Twitter pages (@FTPDFLOWERS),completed the first stage of a teacher training course,currently doing the second required stage and today doing my first ever proper teaching class.Forget one-off demos in various senarios,this was proper big- girl pants stuff.After the class (which went amazingly well), I celebrated by buying my own pair of big- girl pants and letting a good DJ friend teach me how to spin the decks.That part of the night didnt go swimmingly even though I now know how to cue a record in and mix swipe (nope,me neither)
This next month or two is turning out to be stupidly busy (everytime I look at my calender on my phone I cry) so I PROMISE to keep this blog updated.I cant guarentee it will be instantanous as Facebook and Twitter, as I can quickly access that on my phone (and yes, my phone never goes off and I do Tweet in bed.Sad I know)

So I will keep you all updated with floristry musings.Until then,Im off to paint my nails.