Sunday, 21 November 2010



I would like to apoligize for the lack of posts on here as I will admit Twitter has taken over my life. I have Tweeting Fever. I may turn into the blue bird soon. Anyways, tons of stuff has happened between then and now, 90% I cant remember etc as the past few weeks have been such a whir.

My sweetie garlands are now more popular than ever,with 50 or 60 approximately being sold. Phew! my hands are crippled,and my house resembles Willy Wonkas (without the small orange men in the corner).

Ive still got lots of floral contracts, and Ive just done another market with the handsome Fruit boys today. My stall was a a mixture of two Christmas' rolled into one-before and after copious amounts of sugar.Pictures up soon! Ive been asked to do the flowers for a masked ball in two weeks which Im REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO as its a 1930's/1940's theme- so glam! I saw the designs and layouts the other night at a planning meeting and it just looks amazing! Plus, its raising money for charity, so even better!

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