Sunday, 2 October 2011

Steal My Sunshine

Well, its been a glorious few days,hasnt it? Sorry for lack of blogging,as I finished my previous post I was just coming down with a nasty cold that took AGES to shake off. I did wander around looking and feeling like this for about a week:

(yes,Dr. Who fans, this is a picture of the Ood.I know.But honestly,without makeup, this is what I looked like.Minus communication light ball.)

After ignoring people asking me to rest (as Im stubborn like that) I got better.Yay.Unfortunately, I didnt make the most of the first few days of glourious weather as my personal body temperature due to the cold resembled the Gateaux section in Iceland.Sexy.

On a more exciting note, my famous sweetie garlands are now offically back on sale! After a MASSIVE waiting list for them last year, I decided to launch them a month early at a market we held at the cafe (which went very well thankyou) and Ive already got two orders! Looks like my social life between October and December wont be happening again,but I dont care as I can make such a great gift for someone :)

With it currently spitting outside (raining,not actually someone spitting) looks like its back to my A/W 11 wardrobe of maroon,tweed and leather finished off with my crochet scarf (Cheers Aunty G!!) .

However,and this will be a situation that all girls-and some boys-have been in;
at the end of this month, me and the boy are going to Edinburgh.Very exciting.Whats even more exciting is having Going Away outfits.and Going Away Essentials.More importantly,GOING AWAY SIZED BEAUTY THINGS.Makes me giddy. Ive already said we have to wear matching pac-a-macs and oversized bags on the front of our bodies.In tartan print. You never know, I may post a pic when we get back.Maybe.