Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ive been a bad blogger!


Sorry for the delay between posts, Ive been sucked into Twitter world and briefly forgot all you handsome bloggers!

So, keeping up with news, the fab people at Fruit are holding their second market this Sunday (10th October) and yours truly will be there again,selling arrangements and other gifts such as heart shaped Pine cone wreaths,and sweetie wreaths-ideal for Christmas presents! Get yourself down and have a browse thru the stalls, or just have a drink and soak up the funky atmosphere :)

In other florist news, Ive been working away at various bridal packages for 2011 weddings,ideal for brides on a budget! More info on that coming soon!

last but not least, I want to say a MASSIVE well done,to my sister (and fellow blogger) for raising £130 from doing a bake sale today to raise funds for her Degree film show. Experts on here will be able to find her, shes Goldielocks and Cupid. Well done Olivia!! :D