Thursday, 10 June 2010


One year ago, a beautiful baby girl was born called Annie Rose. She fell asleep two days later.Even though she was with the client's family for a short amount of time, she brought joy and happiness upon them.The family asked me to create an arrangement for Annie's first birthday, and said that they would love a butterfly as whenever they think of her, they think of butterflies.

Having consultations about what they specifically wanted was difficult as it is still very raw for them to discuss,and I'll be honest in saying I cried for two days solid when Annie fell asleep, and still get upset when talking about her. Therefore I created something that I knew Annie would have liked- a 3D butterfly.

Unlike the 2D Oasis foam shaped into a butterfly, I created the wings from scratch using chicken wire and packed it with Oasis. Therefore, the angle of the wings was completely my choice- either having them upright as if the butterfly had just landed or at a wider angle as if the butterfly was there to stay. The wings were mainly gypsophila, with added carnation buds and diamante pins in various patterns and designs on both sides of the wings, and the body was roses and carnations. It took me a long time to do, but I was determined every single aspect of it would be perfect for the client's family.

When it was delivered, the family loved it and couldnt thank me enough- I had hit the nail on the head with the design. "It has blown me away.It is a work of art and Im staggered at how spectacular it is.I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would look good as it does" She wrote in a email to me afterwards.