Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tutti Fruity

Just want to update you all on how the weekend at Fruit went! Its taken a while as I had a massive slump on the Monday, and then problems uploading the photos were rectified by my friend Andy here we go!!!

There was lots of prep to do beforehand, but my use of to-do lists helped to complete a lot of the tasks. There was lots of 1am and 2am finishes, but it was worth it on the market days. The delivery of the flowers came on the Friday, which was the get-up -and- go thing I needed to tell me that the time to do this was here! I had done a dummy run the night before to see how I wanted the stall setting up, so I could be quick as possible- we only had two hours before the doors offically opened up for the public.

Setting up took longer than I thought it would do, but I got a prime spot near the door so I was the first person people saw when they walked in thru the door- I put the tree near there, so it caught people's attention (more on that later!!)

On the first night, I sold pretty much all of my Lavender Hearts which was amazing and such a buzz when they sold. My flower stock pretty much dwindled soon too, as people were buying bouqets and individual stems of flowers from me.

On the last day, my "scruffy bunches" were selling the most, they were cheap and cheerful but add up seven or so of those sold then it was a fair amount of money made!

Here are some photos:

My tree which I love, pink with glitter.....

what more could a girl want????

My stall!

A massive thankyou to:
Dave,Dean and Andrew @ Fruit,
My parents,
My sister,
My family who came to vist me,
Jake for keeping me sane on the Sunday
Andy for keeping my sane on the Friday
The other stallholders
GB Flowers
Jenny and Steve (you two know why!!)
Aunt B (you know why too!!)
Violette and Angel
Sam and Dean
and all of you who read this.
Mwah mwah.