Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bright wedding :)


So, Ive been working on a wedding this weekend for a client. The bride admitted she wasnt going down the traditional route and wanted a bright,tropical colour scheme to match her (fab) deep purple wedding dress.

She also wanted floral items for the client's little girl,the two mums and reception flowers at The Deep, the world's only Submarium (seriously, any out-of- town readers reading this need to vist this place as its just stunning), so I was only too happy to oblige. The client trusted me completely so only saw the design on the morning of the wedding,and she loved it. She even sent me a lovely text when I was very ill,saying not to bother with her flowers as my health was more important! Likewise, I sent her texts of ideas of illegal acts of what we could do to the dressmakers shop,who messed her around with her and her daughters' dresses.

Anyways, enough jabbering, heres some photos:

The hairpiece for the Client's daughter.

The wrist corsage for the Groom's mum.

A birds eye view of the bridal arrangement.

A close- up of the bridal arrangement.

The wrist corsage for the bride's mum.

The wand for the client's daughter.

Me and the bridal arrangement.

The venue with the bowls set up on the table.

The reception arrangements before they were lit and placed on the tables.

Lit. Just how pretty are these? The light reflecting onto the tablecloths looked like jellyfish.

Let me know what you think!!