Wednesday, 4 August 2010

late nights, frights and body blights.....

Hey all,

just a quick post before I hit the hay for the night. As the previous post mentioned, Ive currently been working flat out for the new Fruit devlopment this weekend. Its got to the point when Im actually enjoying late night gambling shows on channel Five and there has only been two new posts on Facebook from people since I checked it last when I went to bed. My entire body hurts, Im pretty sure my face is scaring small children at this point and my hands are two bloody stumps.

I did have a small crisis of confidence the other day but my fab and georgeous mother helped me out and now Im keen as ever to make a success of this weekend. I am really looking forward to it and its another step into making me a successful florist. I have developed a firm contact with a florist wholesaler (who wouldnt even take my calls two years ago) created beautiful things to sell at the stall, had my own promotion production line going and networking with all the right people to make this a success.This is me. I want to make a living out of this.

If anyone reads this from Fruit before I have to chance to put a post up here telling you all about the weekend, thankyou for letting me have a space to show my creativity. Hope I havent got on your nerves too much.