Monday, 12 September 2011

New.You're So New.

Has it really been May since I last blogged? I do apoligize, but for those in the know,I have been slightly busy.

Since my last post, Ive taken the plunge and opened up a cafe with my Mum,called Vintage Cafe.11 weeks in,its proving to be one hell of a ride and its opened up my eyes to the world of business.Since opening,I dream about cakes (not in a good way), get OCD with colour coded boards and chopping knives (Cheers for that,Environmental health) and have dozens-yes,literally- of window cleaners,trying to charm me for their trade. I never knew there was a ongoing turf war with window cleaners.Its very enjoyable,and it seemed the next natural step to feed my cake addiction. Yum.

(This is me on a daily basis.)

Due to the cafe taking over my life at the moment whilst we find our feet, the floristry has been put on the back burner at the moment.However, I am still providing arrangements for corporate events and customers, and since we have a spare room in the back of the cafe, this has become my floral studio workshop, where I create and store the arrangements.The advantage of this is being in a larger workspace,and the odd occasion of creating some quick floral arrangements for some cafe customers- I spruced up a wrap of Chrysanths for a regular recently which she loved and appricated.

(As I didnt take a photo of my work as it was so quick,this was taken when I was in London.In Topshop. Also known as Heaven.)

The fashion stuff is going really well too.I have mental moments when Im doing five shows in one month, and then two months off, then back doing fashion shoots again.I do love it, and my love for fashion has grown even more (however, I do prefer having the extra ten minutes in bed rather than putting an outfit together and my love of Carrot cake can be a bit of a problem when I have to squeeze into some shorts for a shoot.....) This past week alone,Ive been offered two amazing opportunites regarding fashion stuff, so we'll see what comes of that :)  
(Circus shoot by Goldielocks and Cupid and A Polaroid Dream)

One more thing.And this will shock people who know me and my ways.I have met someone.

And hes a boy.

And hes lovely.

And I know he'll read this,so thats all for now.

Since my life has changed massively since my last post, Im also thinking about changing the style of the blog,into a general artsy,fashiony,waffly thing that just grows and grows with my endless babbling.And the odd photo. we'll see.