Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free.

Whilst at work today, I was working REALLY hard by flicking through old fashion magazines that someone had left behind.The kind owner of these magazines had left the free inserts of new beauty products;So as well as my wages,I also picked up a Neutrogena face wash.Result!!

I recently spent a happy couple of hours going through all of my old magazines (and I have a LOT),picking out the free samples I had left in them.I walked away with day and night creams,face serums, eye creams, lipgloss shades,shampoo,conditioner,hair mask, and hand lotions.Basically, half of Boots in one hand and all for FREE.I was really pleased with my beauty find and gave them all to my little sister,who was about to go to London for a while for her work.Rather than have her spend a small fortune,I managed to save her some money :)

(One of my best beauty finds-worth £10!)

So, I look forward in the future where I can gather some more freebies,maybe even enough for when the time comes in October for me to travel with my modelling work,as everything is now confirmed-its going to be one busy month!!