Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz


So its late,Ive had a long day but I'm SUPER BUZZY right now as Ive just seen the video playback for my floristry teaching! I cant believe how professional I looked/sounded even though my insides were                s-w-i-r-l-i-n-g around as if they had the Golden pass to Alton Towers. Plus, I dont look red-faced in the video which is a major plus for a Casper complexion- type like me (Someone commented I am my own Sun the other day because I am so pale-cheers for that!) Once I am savvy enough to post up the vid (I struggle with photos!) and when Im confident enough for my mug to be on the Tinterweb I will do.Maybe.

So,how was your Mothers Day? Mine was super-busy as usual,and my immune system couldnt hold out for much longer afterwards due to the stress and chaos of it all and gave up on Tuesday,so was perscribed lots of bedrest.All better now though,and was back at the flower market bright and early this morning :)

I took my mum with me this morning and she hasnt been in years, and she loved it.

Anyway, moving on- Ive decided to sell the ORGINAL and BEST sweetie garlands INTERNATIONALLY after getting inquires from someone in Ireland (Hi, by the way :) ) so currently setting up online shops for all you lovely people can buy from. I'll post the link when they are up and running.

Whilst that is being made, dont forget to drop by the Twitter ( or the Facebook (Search "FTPD flowers") for regular musings and pictures.