Sunday, 13 June 2010

Baby Pickle

No flower based post today, as Ive been doing a lot of the paperwork side of the floristry industry today so nothing visual to show. Im currently watching the Mel Gibson film Signs at the moment, and I had forgotten IT SCARES THE LIFE OUT OF ME when watching it, so Im going to share with you some pics and info about my baby, Violette Pickles,whos long- lost cousin seems to be in the film.

We got Violette by chance- I had a rare day off and we were flicking through the paper and we noticed that the local animal welfare centre was advertising German Sheperd pups. We decided to have a wander down and have a look, and when we got there she was in the playpen with her (bulkier) brother and two labrador pups. Turns out they were bred for the Christmas market but werent sold, hence why they were dumped. We were watching the german shepard pups play, and when Violette saw me, she bounded over and just wanted to play. She also started crying when she couldnt reach a biscuit that was near the cut-off point of the fence. I was unsure at first whether I would bond with her as I had a bad experience with a previous dog,so was wary. That quickly dissolved when she fell asleep on my lap on the way home and drooled all over my very expensive leather jacket- and I didnt care.

Two years on, shes the best thing in my life and she is so clever- if she knows Ive had a bad day, she jumps up and puts her head on my shoulder just like a hug. she is the ony dog I know that actually sings-yes sings- in response to something and she smiles when she sees you. she gets called Batfink by me and any telling off usually lasts for about 20 seconds too. I love her to bits, and I knew she was my baby when she cut her paw badly a few months ago and had to have it stitched- it was the first time she had been away from me and put in a cage the vet- one thing she is terrfied of. I slept downstairs on the sofa to be with her incase she ripped her bandages in the middle of the night and when her painkillers began to wear off, she came to me and gave me her paw as she knew her mum could sort it out for her.
she is currently barking in her sleep so Im having to shout different foods at her- this usually gets her to wake up!!